Welcome To Element Town!

We are a small gaming community always seeking to grow larger with quality members. Some of our favorite games range from the most mainstream, like League of Legends and Minecraft, to the more obscure like Legions: Overdrive. We love honing our skill for competition, but also enjoy company while we slash our way through the easiest to most difficult single player and co-operative adventures. If video games and nostalgia are your kind of fun, then we humbly invite you to join in.

We don't have much on our website yet but we're actively working on it, so don't get discouraged so quickly! We've been around for over 11 years, and we're still active to this day! If you want to join in you can find us on our TeamSpeak 3 server! Just connect to our server which is (and always will be) .

Sold but don't have TeamSpeak 3 (it's free)? Check out our tutorial on getting it and connecting to our server! Feel free to make our server your home. We have no idle limits, no overbearing etiquette, and freedom to own a channel no matter what rank you are.

We recently finished setting up our Minecraft map, and you can check it out any time by heading to element.town/map.

Our (inactive) legacy website is also still here if you're bored and want to take a quick look around (but please don't expect a response if you sign up and post): legacy.elementtown.com. Our community also offers many options for assisting with and providing completely free server hosting.