The Royal Bulletin [01/16] 2016 01/16 The server move has completed successfully. 01/05 Unfortunately we have some downtime planned between January 12th through January 22nd for yet another server move. Our server costs are also going to nearly double and we were unable to locate any alternative knowing this change was looming (most places we found were dramatically worse offers or, like the new service we will be getting from Datacate, almost twice the price). With these upcoming changes we will however be getting the following: 2x more power, 3x more space, 10x more speed. Due to the increased cost we will need to find ways to offset or negate it so we plan to switch into for-profit mode for these new services (e.g. buying new servers and offering for-pay hosting using those servers). This will not affect Element Town or its current model. Dear Colocation Client - As you are probably aware, in mid-2015 it was announced that Digital Realty Trust intended to acquire Telx data centers, in what would become one of the largest such purchases in the industry. DRT successfully completed the purchase of Telx in the fall of 2015. We at Datacate were hopeful that the acquisition would bode well for our future relationship with Telx. In fact, the opposite has happened. DRT/Telx has demanded an effective 60% increase in our direct service costs in 2016, and despite our efforts to negotiate a more favorable position for ourselves, Telx has held firm. They have further indicated that they will not renew our service contracts, absent our acceptance of this increase. As you can no doubt understand, a 60% price increase would create an untenable situation for Datacate as our margins are already exceedingly slim. We are extremely disappointed that Telx has taken this stance, but our numerous failed attempts to appeal to them have left us no choice but to pursue other means of service continuation for our regional presence. The good news: in planning for this contingency, Datacate has negotiated a long-term agreement with Internap for service at their Mission College Blvd facility in Santa Clara. As of this writing, provisioning of service is being finalized and is expected to be available to clients by the middle of next week. We will be able to provide you with comparable service in this new facility. However, as your MRC has been deeply discounted to well below market for the past two years, we can only offer you continued service in our new location per the following adjusted pricing: service details: 1U, 2A @ 120V, 10Mbps on FE, /30 IPv4 Current MRC: $78.00 New MRC: $149.00 (increases service to 3U, 2A @ 120V, 100Mbps - our new minimum) Availability for relocation will begin January 12th, and relocation can be completed anytime between that day and January 22nd. We will have staff on site continuously to assist with relocation, as well as to handle moves for those clients whom cannot be present to move their own equipment. Once we hear back from you that you'd like to move forward, you will be receiving a link to an updated Service Order to e-sign via the Docusign system. As the relocation window draws near, we will open a support ticket in our ticketing system for your relocation. In that ticket you will receive your new space, power and uplink assignments along with any other information relevant to migration. If you choose not to continue service with us at the new location, we will release you from your contract so that you may make other arrangements for service. In that case, you must have all of your equipment removed from the current colocation space no later than January 22nd. Please notify us of your decision no later than January 15th. If you have any questions in the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us. Sincerely, Ed LaFrance 2015 07/06 As we prepare for the public re-launch of our Minecraft server, we have a few upgrades for our server to make sure everything runs smoothly: a 250GB Samsung 840 PRO SSD for the World File (which currently takes up 40GB), Two 2TB WD RED Hard Drives in RAID 1 for backups, and lastly 48GB of ECC Registered DDR3 RAM. These upgrades will take place within this week: after Tuesday (the 7th of July), but before Friday (the 10th of July). 06/22 We finally have our new domain name:! Spread the word, but don't worry our old one still works. I made sure of it. 03/26 We have located our old TeamSpeak 3 database file! If you were here before September 21st, 2012, but your date is set to after 2012: contact moltendorf, and we might be able to fix it! 03/22 We've added a new mobile-friendly theme to! Don't have a mobile phone to check it out? Try shrinking the width of your page to see it. 03/12 We now have the full history of news from The Royal Bulletin available to read on our website:! 03/04 Six months ago we informed everyone that due to our mishap, connections to the address would continue to work. Unfortunately that will no longer be the case. If you connect to our TeamSpeak server using any address other than, you must correct our address to as that is the only address guaranteed to work in the future. As we explained (in more technical detail) due to TeamSpeak supporting SRV records, so long as we use TeamSpeak, we will never have to change our address again. 03/01 We have increased the maximum channel delete delay to 7.5 days for all regular members! If you would like some help making use of this, just check our tutorial here. 02/27 We have finished relocating our server to the new rack. This means we no longer have to worry about that edge case of our server losing power when they do maintenance on the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) like in the previous rack. This means there is no downtime expected in the foreseeable future. 100% uptime from now on I hope. 02/18 We are using the Element Town chat room on League of Legends! Please join it for easy game invites without needing to know everyone's summoner! To join in click on the middle tab at the bottom of your client (View your Chat Rooms Control Panel), then click the button immediately above that (Create or Join a Public Chat Room), finally enter Element Town and press enter. Once you're in there should be a settings button (Edit your chat preferences) on the window that pops up: just click that and check the box labeled Autojoin on Startup. 01/26 We need to relocate our server to a new rack, there may be some downtime in the near future. Dear Valued Colocation Client, You are receiving this message because you have colocation service from Datacate on the first floor (DM2) of our Santa Clara data center. This is a service-affecting notice, so please read it in it's entirety and let us know if you have any questions. It has come to our attention that the facility UPS for DM2 does not have the capability of bypass mode. This means that during UPS maintenance or any kind of service-affecting event, the power delivered by the UPS to client circuits would be interrupted. We have had extensive discussions with facility management and engineering regarding this issue. At this time the facility has indicated that this condition will remain the status quo. They have also advised us of an upcoming major maintenance of the facility UPS, scheduled for early March of this year. During this maintenance, power delivered to client circuits will be interrupted for several hours. We at Datacate have concluded that this lack of bypass capability creates an unacceptable compromise for our clients. In response, we have provisioned additional service on the facility's second floor (DM7), where the majority of our services now reside. DM7 is properly wired for bypass mode. We have provisioned an identical amount of space, power and bandwidth for your service in this new location. We've extended your existing VLAN to the new uplink port(s) so that your connectivity is active there. Very shortly we will be opening a migration ticket for your account, with all the details of your new assignments. We ask that you please reply to that ticket indicating when you expect to do your move, and again when your move has been completed. If you need it, we can perform the migration for you during a window to be determined. It is very important that you complete your migration to the 2nd floor no later than February 28th. To reiterate: no reconfiguration of your equipment is required, all of your network settings will remain the same. This is simply a physical move from one cabinet to another within the same facility. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we are sure you will agree that this is better than having your equipment down for several hours due to a facility mandated maintenance. Please watch for your ticket email and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Sincerely, Datacate, Inc 01/12 With Temporary Channel Delete Delay fully set up, we are now reducing our grants of permanent channels. In addition, channel naming rules are being relaxed across the board; but server etiquette rules still apply to the names. The default delay is 45 minutes. But you can increase it up to a maximum depending on your rank. You may also ask a Chairman or Royal to increase the delay to higher amounts than your rank permits. The maximum delays are as follows:  ​ ​ ​ ​Guests: 2 hours.  ​ ​ ​ ​Members: 36 hours.  ​ ​ ​ ​Elementals: 7.5 days.  ​ ​ ​ ​Chairmen: 31.5 days.  ​ ​ ​ ​Royals: 366.5 days. 2014 09/18 The TeamSpeak 3 server address will no longer be changing! However, will still work in the future. Sorry for any confusion. We were able to set SRV records to redirect your client to the appropriate address! Please resume using as the main address, but if you've already switched to we will not require you to switch back to continue connecting. 08/16 The TeamSpeak 3 server address will be changing soon! Please change your bookmarks to! 07/31 This status update doesn't regard the TeamSpeak. FTB Players, I enabled a mod that was disabled by default. You must enable a client side mod to connect to the server. Follow these steps to resume playing FTB:  ​ ​ ​ ​1. Open the FTB Launcher.  ​ ​ ​ ​2. Click Edit Mod Pack. A window should pop up.  ​ ​ ​ ​3. Over on the right side should say Disabled Mods.  ​ ​ ​ ​4. Find the mod labeled PowerConverters-2.3.2-58.  ​ ​ ​ ​5. Select it and click the << ​ ​Enable ​ ​button.  ​ ​ ​ ​6. Close the window and then you're done. Contact me if you're having issues. --Danny 07/11 We will be consolidating everything in as well as all subdomains of (like into just one main domain name upon acquisition of our new main domain name due to our want to use SSL and due to the high costs of SSL certificates for each domain (supporting subdomains would require an extra SSL certificate for each or a wildcard certificate which would be four times more costly). Most existing bookmarks should still work due to redirecting. 05/06 Free file hosting coming soon. Files in the TeamSpeak server will now be accessible via but only for channels that opt in; please contact me if you would like the file browser for your channel to be listed here (you may also request a specific subfolder instead of your entire channel). 04/04 An upstream peering issue has been causing some momentary network outages, this is being fixed as fast as possible by Datacate. 2013 09/19 One of our reseller's customers that had a server in the same cabinet as our server overloaded the cabinet's power strip causing our server to lose power. This was promptly fixed, but I had to drive to the data center to do some filesystem fixes. Any data created between 11:30 and 12:30 PST may have been lost, so if you were doing anything during that period you may have lost that progress. 09/14 Our two upload directories that Jodediah and I managed can now be browsed again. You could always access their contents directly, but you couldn't browse them. Let the nostalgia commence. 06/14 We have fixed all issues with the legacy website, and re-enabled registration; but you must have an administrator activate your account if you don't already have one. 06/09 The legacy website has returned, but it is now at We have disabled new user registration as we are not actively moderating its contents right now. 06/08 Our administrator slept through the maintenance hour because he's a highly productive person. Maintenance has been rescheduled to tomorrow. 06/03 Server maintenance has been scheduled for June 8th at 08:00 PT and may take up to two hours to complete. We will be updating all of our server's software, including TeamSpeak. This maintenance is required to bring the legacy website back online and to start development of the new website. 03/06 During maintenance we will be upgrading the TeamSpeak 3 server to the latest version. You must update your client to version 3.0.10 to connect! 03/05 Backup of TeamSpeak 3 was completed. Please note any files uploaded until maintenance is complete will be lost! 03/04 Server maintenance has been scheduled for March 8th at 12:00 PT and will be finished at approximately 18:00 PT. 02/22 Our Mumble testing server is now running; if you would like to try out Mumble on our hardware, first make sure you have Mumble (you can download Mumble from, then simply connect to on port 64738. 01/10 Maintenance has been moved to January 12th due to the backup requiring about 20 hours to complete. 01/06 FTB Ultimate Downtime Poll 01/04 Maintenance has been scheduled for January 10th at 12:00 PT until 14:30 PT. 2012 11/20 Please note that on 11/20 administration rights were granted to a rogue. We immediately took action, shut down the server, restored administrative rights to the correct people, and added in protective measures against accidental grants in the future. The rogue proceeded to strip all users of their ranks and membership status as well as wipe all channel description, and maybe more. Please check that any of your personal property on this server (be it your avatar, channel description, personal description, or file uploads) are there and not tampered with. Thank you. --moltendorf 07/27 nolimits42 not allowed.