Joining Our Voice Server

Connecting to our voice server is the first step in hanging out with us. We prefer to use TeamSpeak 3, so if you don't have that installed yet, you can grab it from After your install you'll be guided through the setting up of your microphone and headphones (or speakers). For an optimal experience though, we highly recommend you avoid using speakers as that can cause quite the echo. If you want to use speakers, we recommend you use push-to-talk to minimize the echo. But, since the rules of our server is determined by our members and not the administrators: if you and your group of friends don't mind, then we don't mind.

1. Once you have TeamSpeak set up, you should end up at the main screen. Click on the Connections menu, then select Connect.

2. Enter our details into the next screen, the Address is (and always will be) . Also, don't forget to change your Nickname. Then click on the Connect button

3. You should now see everyone on our server and all the channels that are available to join in the left pane. You're mostly free to join any channel you please, but please remember that most channels are occupied by their owners and friends of the owners. If you haven't noticed already: our news channel, The Royal Bulletin (the date is when our most recent news entry is), should be right above you. Clicking on a channel to select it will make its descriptions viewable in the right pane. Keeping up to date on our news is a good way to know what's going on with our services and the administration (even though we try to keep out of your way as much as possible).

4. Since you got this far, you might want to bookmark our server to make it easier to connect to in the future. Just click on the Bookmarks menu, then click Add to Bookmarks.

5. Some tweaks people like include setting the channel you join the server. If you would like this, just join the channel you would like to join upon connecting and then click the button to the right of the Default Channel box to automatically fill it with the correct info.

6. Finally, you can also automatically connect to our server when you start TeamSpeak. If you would like this, click on More to show the advanced options, and check the box next to Connect on Startup.